Digital   |  85 min  |  2 : 1   |  Color  |  Denmark

Following the death of his estranged father, Louis is left feeling he hasn't achieved as much as he had hoped for. A chance encounter with figures from his past triggers a set of events that shake his perception of life.

Selected for the 2018 international feature film festival CPH PIX.

Winner of the Best Danish Film award at the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival in 2019.

Director : Asger K. Bartels
Writer : Asger K. Bartels, Nora Øland
Producer : Laura Stejner Bie
Executive Producer : I am a Camera
Director of Photography : Morten Vilhelm
1st AC : Márton Kis
Composer : David Nørlund Wiberg
Editor : Tim Sahlberg
Colorist : The Image Factory
Main Cast : Karim Theilgaard, Kimmie Falstrøm, Adam Schmidt Jensen, Amanda Rischel
Production Company : 42 Films